Is All Of Your Priviledged Information Protected?

In this age of technology that we are living in, data destruction is more important than ever. The instances of identity theft grow daily and the tools to do so get more sophisticated by the minute.  It is recommended that every household shred any documents containing personal information.  People instantly think of the obvious things, bank statements, credit card statements, etc.  Anything that includes your address, such as a utility bill should be destroyed.  Many store receipts show the last few digits of a credit card number, shred them. No one wants to give a thief any missing pieces to the puzzle that is your life. What about non-paper items?

When you find a data security business they will have a hard drive shredder.  This industrial machine has the capabilities to successfully destroy all computer parts, tapes, and digital media as well.  This is crucial for a variety of industries. The HIPAA law was passed in 1996 and this created a standard of privacy and confidentiality regarding healthcare. Great care, now more than ever, given to the destruction of medical health records. If you have been to a physician’s office within the last 10 years, I’m sure you have noticed that most everything is electronic, meaning that information is stored on a computer somewhere.  After the regulated amount of time, these records are able to be destroyed.

When you choose a certified data destruction company, you are not only guaranteed that your information is disposed of properly, but you receive confirmation to prove it.  All of the information is stripped,  the computer is ruined, and then finally, put through an industrial destruction device. This entire process is done within one facility so there is no need to transport information.

This process is also very valuable in the banking industry as well.  Those hard drives have not only bank accounts on them, but social security numbers as well. All the makings to make some identity thief one lucky person!


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